New England Patriots Off Season Moves, Or Lack Thereof – Samuel, Stallworth, Wilson, Colvin, and Gay Gone. Will Moss be Next?

Free agency has barely begun but it’s been a very wild one so far. Unfortunately for New England fans the news is all bad.

While it was really a forgone conclusion that Asante Samuel would leave during free agency I still hated to seem him go. He has had a phenomenal past two years with the New England Patriots and has developed into one of the best cover corners in the league (yes, I do like the phrase cover corner, the guy is not a great tackler). His signing a big contract that New England just wasn’t going to match was simply going to happen. New England is very good at managing the cap and not giving up a lot of guaranteed money except for the most coveted of players and it is still the smart thing to do. Let’s face it, Samuel has been with the team for five years and during his first two he was bit on the fragile side. Nevertheless Asante Samuel signing with the Philadelphia Eagles was a blow because he can’t really be replaced and he definitely had become one of my favorite players.

I also assumed that Dante Stallworth would sign elsewhere because there are not a lot of great receivers in free agency and while I loved him and he did a great job for the Patriots, I knew some team would sign him for more than we were willing to pay him. His speed and teamwork will definitely be missed.

The Patriots released Eugene Wilson, who had been injured this year and when he came back was so far down on the depth chart he just disappeared. I am not sure what happened to Wilson who started in our last two Super Bowl wins and I thought was a solid player. But it’s pretty clear Belichick and Pioli think James Sanders and Brandon Meriweather are the future at free safety.

Roosevelt Colvin was also not much of a surprise either given that he is a big salary cap expense but again, I hate to seem him go and rumor has it he could resign with the Patriots for less money if no other teams come up with a better offer. He had what I thought was a miraculous comeback from a broken hip two games into the regular season after we signed him to a hefty contract. He’s been solid but I am sure the injury concerns had a lot to do with his release.

I was rather shocked that Randall Gay signed with the New Orleans Saints. He got this chance under Bill Belichick as an undrafted free agent out of LSU four years ago and wound up starting in our Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles when our defensive backfield was decimated by injuries during the regular season. Despite being on injured reserve all of last year he has been a solid player who will be missed.

Now comes the big question – Randy Moss. I know me and other Patriots fans are sitting around anxiously waiting to hear the news that we have resigned Moss. Moss is essential because he totally opens up the offense. He doesn’t even have to catch a single pass to be a most valuable player because teams have to double and triple team him to keep from getting torched, especially with a great quarterback like Tom Brady at the helm. Hopefully we get him signed and Josh McDaniels and Belichick figure out a way to exploit teams double and triple teaming him better than they did at the end of last season and the playoffs. It’s even more imperative that New England gets him signed now they have lost Stallworth.

And it appears that the two sides are far apart on a contract agreement. The longer this drags on the harder it gets for Patriots fans because it becomes less likely he gets signed.

That is why losing the Super Bowl hurts even more, you just never know what’s going to happen the next year or if you will ever be back. Brady could be back to throwing to the Reche Caldwell’s of the league next year if something doesn’t pan out.


3 thoughts on “New England Patriots Off Season Moves, Or Lack Thereof – Samuel, Stallworth, Wilson, Colvin, and Gay Gone. Will Moss be Next?

  1. It’s usually the Superbowl winners that lose all the stars, isn’t it? I’m really worried about Moss, I think we can survive the rest of the defections if we keep him. Samuel was not as much of a factor this year, Stallworth was never as much of a factor as he might have been absent Moss, Colvin may be coming back, but without Moss who does Brady throw to?

    The conflicting information coming from the media right now is not helping, either. An NFL Network source is quoted on a story from 4 hours ago saying Moss is growing frustrated (they’ve been saying that for days, though) but a Sporting News story from 9 hours ago quotes an NFL Network source as saying that the Pats and Moss are close to a mega-deal.

    With any luck, today will be the day. I would really like for the Brady-Moss combo to grow into a Montana-Rice sort of thing.

  2. Latest Bulletin”

    “A league source tells us that the Patriots and receiver Randy Moss have agreed to a new contract. Per the source, the deal is for three years, $27 million.

    The contract hasn’t been signed, and the language is being finalized.

    It’s unknown how much of the deal is guaranteed, signing bonus, etc.”

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