Huchuli Blows Whistle on Himself

Poor Hochuli

Poor Hochuli

After prematurely blowing the whistle on a call that helped the Denver Broncos beat the San Diego Chargers Sunday. Ed Huchuli threw a flag on himself. The referee admitted to making a mistake on Wednesday and is answering thousands of emails from angry Chargers fans apologizing for his gaff. 

“Affecting the outcome of a game is a devastating feeling. Officials strive for perfection — I failed miserably. Although it does no good to say it, I am very, very sorry.”

Don’t be sorry Ed. You’ll be happy to know there are thousands of Broncos fans and thousands of Cutler owners in FF leagues all over that are very satisfied that you blew the whistle. Blown calls are features of the NFL. I tolerate them like I tolerate the weather. My real contempt is for the NFL who’ll probably say oooops my bad and spend the whole year debating on how to fix this ruling.

Plus I’ve never seen Norv Turner have so much vigor and sass on the sideline. Huchuli, apparently tapped an emotion from Norv that was nonexistent for years as a head coach in DC or Oakland. Seeing Norv Turners face turn crimson red and eventually explode was entertainment enough. Norv is used to losing and Shanahan seemed perfectly ok with the call. You see Ed it’s not the end of the world after all……

Bloggers comment on what you would write to Mr. Ed. He needs a little picking up or maybe a little putting down!






4 thoughts on “Huchuli Blows Whistle on Himself

  1. Norv Turner, sassy?? lol

    You make it sounds like he was switching from side to side one hand on his hip and the other waiving a finger back and forth at huchuli while saying, “oh, no you didn’t!!!”

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