It’s Dallas Week


Alright already, America gets it! The Cowboys get more national attention in primetime television then the presidential election.  Everyday I turn on the tv the Cowboys are on sports center. When I get home late at night there training camp is on HBO. They only play on Sunday or Monday night Football for the whole world to see. It seems like everytime I flip on the television one of these Cowboys is catching a td or dancing around in the endzone or sacking a QB or in the announcer booth or getting there freak on in the night clubs. Lets stop this madness.


America already knows your star quarterback gets more boyband poon then boybands. We know the Cowboys defense has more felony offences then OJ. We already know your super receiver has more teeth (or as he would call them teef) then every team in the NHL. I get that your billionaire owner is building a super stadium that has six figure seating and cost him 10 figures to make. It’s imbedded in my brain. There constant appearance serves almost as a reminder how much I want the Skins to beat the Cowboys this week.


I’d much rather see the Redskins with there whim filled owner and there rookie coach stomp these Cowboys and reduce them to the whimpering pop stars that they are. TV seems to forget that the Cowboys haven’t one a playoff game since 96’ or they couldn’t beat the undefeated Patriots last year or lost to the Skins, the Giants and the Eagles.


Go Skins! Grind a half a grapefruit in their starry eyes!


4 thoughts on “It’s Dallas Week

  1. that’s what makes the few and far between wins the redskins have over the ‘boys all that much sweeter…bunch of cocky hubris filled prima donnas.

    also, if i have to watch one more ultra cinematic super slow-mo video of t.o. running on the beach training a la ‘hbo’s hard knocks’ i’m going to plug myself. go skins!

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