Troy Brown Announces Retirement

Yesterday Troy Brown announced his retirement from the NFL.  He is a 15 year veteran and spent his entire career with the Patriots.  He really is the epitome of what it means to be a team player.  See my tribute to Troy Brown here:

The press conference where Brown announced his retirement was honest and bittersweet.  He frequently said he still wants to play and that his greatest wish was that he could suit up and go practice with the guys but that you “can’t outrun father time.”  It was sad because he said it so many times that it is clear he is itching to play and this was a very tough decison.  He said the reason it is so hard for guy in his situation to walk away from the game is that it is a game he has loved and played for 30 years and he still feels he could go out there and play today. 


As Patriots fans know, Brown flirted with signing with the New York Jets, and joked he didn’t do it because he wouldn’t look good in green and white.  I wrote a blog on this last summer but deleted it.  Needless to say I didn’t want to see Brown in enemy territory wearing enemy colors!!  In this era of free agency, it is rare for a player to remain with a team his entire career and is something that also makes Brown special to Patriots fans.


The most poignant part of the press conference was when his son, who you can hear crying in the background at one point, asks the last question — if you still want to play why are you retiring?  Brown simply said it will be okay and is when he said you can’t outrun father time.


Patriots fans will miss Troy Brown.  He has made some of the greatest contributions in team history on the biggest stages.  He won’t be forgotten.


Following is a link to his announcement.

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