The Redskins Cracked the Code to Success in Big D

I heard it all this week in DC. “The Redskins are going to get spanked!” and my favorite “ The Cowboys are the prototype team of dominance in the NFL….. They have the size, speed and athleticism to go undefeated”….. Yes, yes if you listen long enough you’ll hear anything in DC. People actually drank the Cowboy kool-aide and started to believe the Cowboys are superior. In reality the “superior” Cowboys couldn’t get enough offence going in Dallas to beat a Redskins team that most wrote off in the preseason.

Make no mistake about it. The Redskins didn’t steal a win from a team alleged to be the best in football. They walked in the front door and put a whoopin of their hated rivals in front of their home crowd. They wrote the formula to beat the Cowboys. Control the time of possession, stop the run, and contain TO. Witch in Dallas is not easy to-do but the Redskins played inspired football and sometimes that’s enough to beat the prototype teams.

It’s no secret I loath the Cowboys. The mere sight of that Blue Star makes me vomit in my mouth. If I heard another word from the media that always seem to center around the Dallas Cowboys and their superstars my head would explode. That’s what makes the Redskins victory over the Cowboys that much sweeter.





4 thoughts on “The Redskins Cracked the Code to Success in Big D

  1. Amen Hodd. It’s funny how the Cowboys game was the lead NFL story Sunday morning in the majority of media outlets and after “them Cowboys” got manhandled the coverage fell to the wayside. It wasn’t a “Redskins win” it was a “Cowboys loss”…typical bias. The Skins outplayed them in every facet of the game and I think this will be huge springboard for the Skins especially considering their upcoming schedule. Outside the East they play… (In no particular order): The Rams, Browns, Lions, Bengals, and 49rs. They Should and WILL win those games and build confidence and chemistry, gearing them up to open up a second can of whoop-ass on the Cowboys November 16th. Yeah, I said it. It is a Stone Cold Lock.

  2. I’ll admit at the beginning of the season I looked at the Redskins schedule, let out a long sigh and thought to myself 7-9. But now I can see this skins team going 8-1 after week 9… Skins kool-aid, anyone?

  3. The other three games outside the East are the Seahawks, Ravens, and Steelers. If the Skins keep up this momentum I can easily see them go 2-1 in those contests. I am proud to be chugging this year’s Burgundy and Gold Cool-aid.

  4. Cheers! *Gulp…To T.O who is one loss away from a complete meltdown.

    His team losses and all he’s worried about is his touches. I know eventually that T.O’s behaviour will self distruct the Cowboys.

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