2008 NFL Football Season: Ridiculous Fines for Celebrations

I just read that the NFL has fined Ronnie Brown and three other members of the Miami Dolphins for excessive celebration. $10,000 even! And Antoine Winfield was also fined $10,000 for a touchdown celebration against the Saints. These fines are ASININE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t see the Ronnie Brown/Miami Dolphins celebration but given I didn’t hear, see, or know anything about it until I read about the fine leads me to believe it wasn’t that big of a deal. Here is a team that went 1-15 last year with Brown suffering what could have been a career ending knee injury, defeating a division foe (my beloved Patriots)…THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN CELEBRATING!!    

I did see Antoine Winfield score his touchdown against the Saints. I thought nothing of the celebration then and none of the announcers mentioned it as being out of the ordinary. THAT FINE IS ASININE AS WELL!!

I am all for Roger God, err, I guess he thinks he is anyway, I meant Goodell, policing unnecessary hits and outrageous off the field behavior. But what is the NFL trying to turn the league into? A bunch of automatons? It’s a game for crying out loud! Celebrating scores is PART OF GAMES! And it’s an exciting part of games. Now if Chad Ocho Stinko kisses the Dallas star after a touchdown, I could see a fine. That is simply unsportsmanlike conduct. If Ellis Hobbs dances on the San Diego logo after a hard fought playoff win, I can see a fine, that was unsportsmanlike conduct as well. Neither of these instances that resulted in fines were unsportsmanlike. This is getting ridiculous.

And the fine on the guy that had a facemask that wasn’t called on Reggie Bush is ridiculous too. Fines on vicious or unnecessary hits are judgment calls and I am all for them. But the facemask, and I don’t recall who was fined, sorry, was clearly and should have been a 15 yard penalty. But it also seemed inadvertent and the guy just trying to grab anything he could get on the shifty Reggie Bush and it just happened to be the face mask. It wasn’t an overly aggressive play.

Goodell is GOING TOO FAR in laying down fines for ridiculous things. And as an avid football fan I am getting sick and tired of it. He needs to rein it in a bit and realize this is a tough, exciting game played my men, not robots. I am starting to think Goodell is just an ass but I do like what he has done so far. But he is going too far now.

And while I’m at it, did anyone catch Goodell’s so called “answer and question” session on NFL.com a few weeks ago? It was so scripted and prepared and had so little information it was a waste of time and frankly a complete and total joke.

This level of ridiculousness needs to stop.

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