Raspberry Falls and Rennie…who?

This weekend when buying a six pack from my local market. The cashier asked me “what’s the score of the Dallas game?”


“Bad” “Really bad against a bad team. I know you’re not a Cowboys fan?!?” I asked..


“I like the Cowboys because of Tony Romo”




I didn’t have to respond to her. She’s not a football fan at all. She’s just a pop culture fan. She’s used to seeing Romo arm and arm with the hottest chicks on the planet and she admires the lifestyle.


Well I’m a Redskins fan because of Rennie Simmons…


Rennie Simmons the Redskins long time TE coach.

Why you ask?

Well.. This weekend a couple friends and I got the rare opportunity to play golf with the man. You see Rennie comes from an era when smashmouth football was the culture here in DC. When running the ball and stout defense was how we won football games. It was an era when a hard work ethic, heart and character of the players and coaches were just as important as the game it’s self. Guys like Joe Gibbs, Rennie Simmons and Joe Bugal brought that importance back to DC and they still use that formula for success in yesterday’s win over Cleveland.


Even though Rennie is older, weighs a little more, and from time to time he misses three-foot putts. The man has my respect. He has more class in his pinkie finger then any popstar Cowboy ever will.


Plus he says we’re “coachable”golfers!! and whats not to love about that?!



Mr. Simmons and his "coachable "Golfers

Mr. Simmons and his


7 thoughts on “Raspberry Falls and Rennie…who?

  1. I am in the DC Metro area (Doug) but this actually Hodd Brown’s post who also posts a few things on this site. Hodd is a Redskins fan. I am definately /not/ a Redskins fan.

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