2008 NFL Football Season: Week 12, Pittsburgh Wins Snoozer against Cincinnati

Larry Foote Disrupts Bengals Offense

Larry Foote Disrupts Bengals Offense

Pittsburgh Steelers over Cincinnati Bengals, 27-10


This was a very sluggish, non-descript game.  Cincinnati started off with a nice drive for a touchdown but the Steelers defense, with their unique pass rushing scheme, pretty much shut the Bengals down the rest of the game.  Of course the Bengals, being a losing team, lost some opportunities on dropped balls and a few poor passes by Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Even though the halftime lead for Pittsburgh was only 10-7, it was pretty clear is was just a matter of time before Pittsburgh would wear down the Bengals for the win. 


What was surprising about this game is the Bengals hung in so well for so long.  The Bengals defense played decently for three quarters, even though they were on the field a lot, and the offense didn’t look completely and totally inept.  They just faced the nastiest, stingiest defense in the league. 


I haven’t seen much of the Bengals this year because I choose other games when they are on television so I have only seen Fitzpatrick play in this game.  But what I saw of Ryan Fitzpatrick makes me think he can develop into a starting QB in the league.  He has good mechanics and threw the short ball mostly well, with a few exceptions.  His statistics in this game are a little worse than they should have been because of a few dropped balls.  And the Steelers defense really put the heat on, especially in the second half, making it hard to evaluate his potential.  He also didn’t throw the long ball much, but the receivers were mostly covered.  But based on just this game, I think the guy can play.


Of course the big storyline of this game was Chad “Ocho Stinko” Johnson acting out again and being deactivated for the game.  I wish I could sleep at work then yell at my boss and still pocket a fat paycheck while getting a free day off to sit at home watching football.  They should do just what Stinko wants them to do, trade him — to the Oakland Raiders!


MVP:  Larry Foote, LB, Pittsburgh Steelers


5 thoughts on “2008 NFL Football Season: Week 12, Pittsburgh Wins Snoozer against Cincinnati

  1. Or better yet, trade Ocho Cinco to the Detroit Lions for none other than former Bengals QB Jon Kitna, where receivers are left to have their careers dwindle right in front of them. Hell, they might as well even draft a receiver in the first round of the playoffs and continue their receiver drafting history!

  2. Definitely, Doug. I would also love it if Detroit drafts Michael Crabtree! The infamous receiver-first drafting that Detroit is synonymous for must still be known as just that!

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