AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

Pittsburgh Steelers over Baltimore Ravens

This is the two consistently toughest defensive teams in the league this year. I am very impressed with both teams and particularly their defensive prowess. Whoever wins this game should be favored in the Super Bowl.

I expect this game, like most Pittsburgh-Ravens matchups, to come down to the bitter end. But I give the edge to Pittsburgh for two reasons. First, they are at home. And while that hasn’t meant much in these playoffs, it should count for a slight edge for the Steelers. Second, even though Flacco has played great this year, Pittsburgh seems just a bit more consistent and better able to generate points than the Baltimore offense. Baltimore should have scored more last week against the Titans after being handed three turnovers.

I look forward to seeing this slugfest.

Arizona Cardinals over Philadelphia Eagles

I have a gut feeling that the Cardinals are not going to lay and egg in this game like they did against the Eagles not too many weeks ago in Philadelphia. They seem to be a revived team in the playoffs and I really don’t believe in McNabb or the Eagles. The beat the Giants last week but both Eli Manning and Donovan McNabb had shaky games. The Cardinals are on a roll and I think they will take there new found running game and great the Larry Fitzgerald and roll right into the Super Bowl.

Thing is though, they are going to roll right into a brick wall regardless of which AFC team’s defense they face.


4 thoughts on “AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

  1. I think 5 1/2 isn’t too far off. You get about 3 for home field advantage and Pittsburgh basically outplayed the Ravens in Baltimore this year. But I think it’s going to come down to three points either way.

  2. I haven’t written up my picks yet but I am definitely leaning the same way on both games. AZ still scares me but there’s something about them. I don’t know. We’ll see if I talk myself out of it before I write em up but right now I’m with ya.

  3. To think that Arizona and Philly are in the NFC Championship as crappy as they have played at times this year is stunning…I just don’t trust McNabb not to choke.

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