New England Patriots Trade Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel to Kansas City Chiefs

Cassel Leads Patriots over the Jets

Matt Cassel

The New England Patriots traded Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel to the Kansas City Chiefs. Everyone knew the Patriots would eventually be trading Matt Cassel but the trade of Mike Vrabel was a bit of a shock. Personally I am rather disappointed that the Patriots didn’t get me more than a 2nd round draft pick from the Chiefs. In fact, I am right down flummoxed by it. It seems like Cassel would be worth much more than a 2nd round pick when you still have teams out there desperate for a quarterback in a free agent market that is extremely thin. But at least we got something after using the franchise tag on Cassel.

Based on reports from Adam Schefter on it sounds like there was quite a bit of interest and some possible three way trades in the works with moves putting Cassel in Denver and Cutler in either Tampa Bay or Detroit, both in desperate need of quarterbacks. What was a surprise to me was the Minnesota Vikings didn’t take a serious run at Matt Cassel. He doesn’t fit in as well with their offensive scheme as he does in Kansas City, but he has a far better shot of being successful in Minnesota than a Sage Rosenfels or Tarvaris Jackson.

The move for Matt Cassel and the Kansas City Chiefs make perfect sense and Kansas City is a great landing spot for Matt Cassel for several reasons.

First, he performs better in the shotgun. New head coach and former Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley has an offensive scheme that fits Cassel’s abilities extremely well. He relies much more heavily on the shotgun and the passing game, and I can see Cassel having a very good chance to be successful in Kansas City.

Secondly, he has an excellent young receiver in Dwayne Bowe to throw to. Bowe is one of the best receivers in the NFL but has been overshadowed by the poor record of the Kansas City Chiefs the pat few years. He also has the Hall of Fame bound tight end Tony Gonzalez to throw to. While Gonzalez wanted to be traded last year, it looks like he will stay in Kansas City. The signing of Matt Cassel should make him happier. And while I think Larry Johnson will likely be cut or traded, if the Chiefs can put together some serviceable running backs to keep defenses honest, the offense has a chance to make significant improvements next year.

The trade of Mike Vrabel was a shock to me. Vrabel has been a team leader and a mainstay on a defense that won three Super Bowls. It always hurts to see players you admire that have been with the team for so long get traded or cut. But that is the NFL in the era of free agency. I will miss Vrabel and root for him to do well, unless he plays the Patriots.

The trade of Vrabel signals that the Patriots are finally going in the direction of getting younger and faster on defense. The past few years Patriots fans have worried a great deal about the aging of the defense, especially at the linebacker position. It will be interesting to see what other off-season moves the Patriots make.

Currently the most high profile signings for the Patriots are Fred Taylor from Jacksonville and Chris Baker from the Jets. It will be interesting to see what else they will do this offseason.

6 thoughts on “New England Patriots Trade Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel to Kansas City Chiefs

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the Patriots to much. There’s a boat load of talent in the draft at the 3-4 OLB position so much so that they could take an LB at 23 and someone else on defense at 34. It’s almost like having two first rounders because that second pick is so early in the round. Someone who has solid potential but because teams make a run on other positions could cause the Patriots to get some great value at that pick.

    I’d like to say Mayo was a steal for them, but it was a pick that Mel Kiper Jr. of all people saw coming and something he saw as the draft scouting process wore on. I give props to Mel for making the call that the Pats should take Mayo and plug him in as a play maker.

    I’ll keep an eye on Cassel, just for you since it’s something we disagree on ;-).

  2. I am too surprised that the Patriots didn’t get more than a second round pick in exchange for Cassel. What that tells me though is that there are zero worries about Tom Brady and that they have no concerns about riding with him in 2009. I think it does remain to be seen whether Cassel will be successful in KC. Tony Gonzalez and Larry Johnson both seem to want out, but regardless the Chiefs do have better chance for success with Cassel than a rookie QB that they would otherwise take with the third pick.

    As for the Denver-Tampa Bay-Detroit rumor, it seems that was initiated by Tampa Bay in an effort to try and get Cutler more than anything else. From what I understand, it was discussed (as these things are routinely) but the Broncos decided against it. Frankly I would been extremely upset to trade Cutler and end up with Cassel. Nothing against Cassel, but that would not have been a smart move for the Broncos to make.

  3. It wouldn’t have been smart unless they got a whole bunch of players or picks for Cutler. Cutler is the real deal.

    I saw a blog claiming BB leaked the three way trades to undermine McDaniels. Patriots haters need to get a life. 🙂

  4. You can say what you will about Belichick, but it really could be any source from any team that leaked this. I think really there are plenty more of these types of conversations going on than what we are privy to. I’m sure at some point for example that the Vikings have received a call or two inquiring about what it might take to get Adrian Peterson. Of course they’re answer is something along the lines of ‘he’s untouchable’ or ‘no way’.

    I like Matt Cassel, and I think Kansas City could be a good spot for him. I just wouldn’t want to give up Cutler to get him.

  5. I wouldn’t give up Cutler for Cassel in a straight up trade. No way, no how. If they were considering this move at all, it would have had to have been for a lot in return from Tampa or Detriot. Cutler has a world of potential.

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