Review of New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX DVD

51k8s1swyal__sl500_aa240_Despite drawbacks, the New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX DVD is simply a must have for any New England Patriots fan.

Essentially, an hour-long highlight reel of the Patriot’s 2004 season, including highlights from each and every regular season and playoff game, culminating in a more detailed highlight package of the Super Bowl itself.

Sound bites from the sidelines, from players, and from coaches’ interviews done during the season are interspersed throughout the video.

The video does not do a great job of building drama through the regular season leading to the playoffs. But of course, there wasn’t all that much drama given New England only lost two games, finishing at 14-2.

It does, however, do a decent job of spotlighting the impact of the regular season loss to Pittsburgh, and the mounting injuries to the team’s defensive backs. It also does a good job of profiling Cory Dillon’s impact on the Patriots’ running game during the regular season and playoffs.

The DVD gives Troy Brown’s defensive play some much deserved airtime. Like last year, I wish the video had more highlights, more commentary, and more inside information. But overall, it was mostly a complete package.

The best part of the DVD was the entire international game broadcast. It is awesome to have the entire game on DVD as a keepsake, even though I also taped it on VHS. This year the announcers for that broadcast were Dick Stockton and Darryl Johnston,  who excelled.  It is without commercials, of course, and includes key statistics during the game and shots of fans and replays. It is surprisingly a well edited film, given the speed with which the DVD was produced.

The other special features included a number of pre and postgame interviews with New England players and coaches, which were interesting but short. Also included is the entire Paul McCartney Super Bowl halftime show, which for me I could have cared less about but it will no doubt appeal to many others. I wonder why the Super Bowl XXXVIII DVD didn’t include the halftime show? (Ha! Ha!)

I was very disappointed that the DVD did not include the ESPN NFL Matchup segment analyzing the Super Bowl, which is really a fabulous breakdown of the game. That was a really big plus for the Super Bowl XXXVIII DVD. But of course, this year’s Super Bowl was on Fox so they aren’t going to allow promotion of another network’s program.

Despite my quibbles with some aspects of the DVD, if you are a New England Patriots fan you will no doubt enjoy this more than once. I don’t think non-New England Patriots fans would like the DVD that much because it is essentially a highlight reel of the Patriots’ season and does not do any in-depth breakdown of the game or season that an avid football fan would be looking for.

Disclaimer: I am a die hard New England Patriots fan and am totally biased in this review.

Super Bowl XXXIX – New England Patriots Championship Video


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