Review of 3 Games to Glory: New England Patriots First Super Bowl Championship

new_england_patriots_3_games_to_glory-resized2003 Games to Glory is a DVD dedicated to the New England Patriots playoff run and Super Bowl XXXVI victory, 20-17, over the St. Louis Rams. This was the first NFL Super Bowl Championship in New England Patriots history. This video compiles extensive highlights from the two playoff games and Super Bowl.

This review will be a bit short, for reasons you will soon discover. But first, a reminder of the games that are featured in this highlights package:

– New England’s defeat of the Oakland Raiders 16-13 in the 2002 divisional playoff round. This game was played in a blizzard and featured unbelievable kicking by Adam Vinatieri and a fumble by Tom Brady that would have cost the Patriots the game, except it was overturned on the now infamous Tuck Rule;

– New England’s defeat of the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-17 in the AFC Championship Game that featured a clutch performance by Drew Bledsoe in relief of the injured Tom Brady and a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown by Troy Brown which sealed the game; and, of course

– New England’s dramatic 20-17 victory over the favored St. Louis Rams after an outstanding drive at the end of the game lead by Tom Brady and the first Super Bowl decided on the last play of the game as Adam Vinatieri boots in a 48 yard field goal on the last play of the game.

Starting with the good news about this video, the highlights of the two playoff games and Super Bowl are extensive. And while every single play isn’t covered, almost all of them are. The highlights of each game are very complete and well done. I especially liked the very up close, on the field camera angles that bring the game right into your living room as if you, yourself were standing on the sideline. The play by play featured in the video is that of Patriots radio announcer and former Patriot great Gino Cappelletti – who really is just phenomenal at calling a Patriots game. The highlights and announcers bring the excitement of the games to life. It creates a very nostalgic feeling for Patriots fans.

Now the not so good news. Fans familiar with other Super Bowl highlights packages, such as 3 Games to Glory II and 3 Games to Glory III, featuring New England’s subsequent Super Bowl Championships are likely going to be rather disappointed in this video.

First, there are NO SPECIAL FEATURES. No player interviews, no breakdown of key plays by the coaches, no locker room scenes, no victory parade, no nothing. It’s just the highlights of the three games and that is it. Secondly, while the highlights are very well done, the video really does not bring the true drama of the game to life. Even the Brady’s fumble being overturned against Oakland and Bledsoe’s stepping in, along with Brown’s blocked field goal returned for a touchdown just become, almost, just another highlight in this package. And there are minimal sideline scenes during the games, which added so much to other videos in this series. It really takes a bit of memory to really relive the moments and the drama.

Despite these drawbacks New England Patriots fans will certainly enjoy this video. I cannot imagine a non-Patriots fan liking it. But a warning for Patriots fans, if you have seen the extensive bonus features of the other two videos in this series, here you get nothing extra. It’s just the highlights. And for this Patriots fan, that’s enough.


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