Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez: Two New Rookie Starters in 2009

Last year Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco had great seasons as rookie starters in the NFL.  I was pretty high on both of these quarterbacks coming out of college, especially Ryan who I saw more of watching ACC football.

Both Stafford and Sanchez will no dobut be starters for their teams given the quarterback situation on both clubs. 

I don’t think that either Stafford or Sanchez have the same chance to be a success.  All things being equal I like both Ryan and Flacco better as NFL quarterbacks.  Stafford goes to sorry team, although he should have Calvin Johnson to throw the ball to.  That does not bode well for a rookie starter.  Sanchez goes to a team with better skill around him, but I am not convinced he is ready to step in and be more than an average NFL starter, or worse.

It will be interesting to see if they can duplicate the success of Ryan and Flacco.  My money is against it.

2 thoughts on “Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez: Two New Rookie Starters in 2009

  1. All things considered I still think rookie QBs being successful will be more the exception than the norm. Even Peyton Manning went 3-13 as a rookie. Although in Stafford’s case, if the Lions go 5-11 that would be a major improvement from last year so maybe that could be considered success.

    • I agree. I think Ryan Leaf, Alex Smith, Rick Mirer,Heath Shuler…not Ryan and Flacco when I think of QBs drafted high in the first round.

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