Patriots Trade Down: Draft Defense Early

It was funny watching the talking heads and reading blowhards talking about the Patriots trading into the top ten to get talent for a lot of money, and might be good NFL players, but overpaid ones. The most ridiculous I saw was the idea the Patriots would trade up to get the pot head and head case Percy Harvin of Florida, a headache we don’t need. Another was the idea of picking up Michael Crabtree. But for top ten money? Not for us.

Now, picking up Tyson Jackson, DE from LSU maybe.

But, Bill B and his brain trust, minus Scott Pioli traded down for more picks, future picks and went for defensive backs.

So far I love what the Patriots have done in the draft. It is too bad that we are still struggling to shore up the defensive backfield, but that is life.

In the second round we’ve now picked up Patrick Chung, the tough little safety from Oregon. I love the kid. I think he has a much better attitude and football smarts than Brandon Merriweather, who I think, if not a bust, a bit disappointing.

We picked up a back-up and maybe future starter at nose tackle with the OTHER defensive tackle from Boston College in Ron Brace.

And I love the pick of cornerback Darius Butler from Connecticut.

There will be a lot of competition in the defensive backfield next year with all these young defensive backs.

Eventually, I hope one will emerge as another top flight defender in the pass happy NFL.


4 thoughts on “Patriots Trade Down: Draft Defense Early

  1. **SIGH** Yes, I will post something today in fact. I’ve been so busy at work I haven’t had a chance to do anything BUT work. 🙂

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