Jason Campbell: Class Act

Jason Campbell: Class Act

Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell is a high character player and a real class act. I have been extremely impressed with his demeanor and attitude over the course of his career with the Redskins, often in less that ideal circumstances. Last night, in what was an embarrassing and unprofessional performance by his teammates in a 45-12 loss to the New York Giants, Jason Campbell was one of the few players to show up for the game.

After getting pounded and pounded and pounded in the first half because his offensive line couldn’t block anyone, Jason Campbell went out of the game with an injury. Jim Zorn was going to pull him out of the game in the second half because of the beating he was taking. But with the season long over for all practical purposes, in a hopeless situation on the scoreboard, injured, and while his teammates on offense quit, especially the offensive line, he insisted on playing in the second half. All he had to look forward to was more of the same, a beating. But he came out to play anyway. And for that my admiration for Campbell soared for being the kind of football player with the heart and character that we can all look up to and respect.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do not think Campbell is a great quarterback or will ever be an elite quarterback in the NFL. His defenders will point out that he is in a different offensive system every year. And that his offensive line has been porous. And the Redskins have had numerous coaching changes over his five year career. That’s all true and certainly has stunted his development. And maybe I’m wrong. Maybe in a different situation he would be an elite quarterback in the NFL today. But that’s not the point of this article and it does not matter to me whether or not he’s a great quarterback. The thing that I highly respect and admire in Jason Campbell is his class and character.

I’ve long been impressed by Campbell’s character. Let’s just take a look at what happened to him in the offseason. The Redskins were publically courting Denver and Jay Cutler trying to get a trade to replace Campbell. Then they tried to move up in the draft to get Mark Sanchez of the University of Southern California who is now with the Jets. Obviously this had to hurt Campbell given all the time and effort he has given the Redskins with little in return. Instead of whining and moaning and calling out management and the coaches, Campbell simply said he couldn’t control these things and just had to work hard to keep getting better and help the team.

Contrast that with the whiney Jay Cutler who got bent out of shape when the Denver Broncos fired Mike Shanahan and contemplated trading him for Matt Cassel. He created a huge rift with new head coach Josh McDaniels and the organization, eventually leading to Cutler being traded to the Chicago Bears, where is has had a miserable season and is an interception machine.

You also never hear Jason Campbell call out his teammates for poor play. This year his offensive line has been horrible. Granted, injuries have had a lot to do with that, but you never hear Campbell complain about them. Nor do you hear him complain about his receivers, who have been a disappointment, with the exception of Santa Moss who is continually plagued by hamstring injuries. Nor have I hard Campbell complain about his coaches. HE just goes out and plays the best he can and keeps the dirty laundry in house.

Contrast that with one of the biggest jerks in the NFL, the Redskins own Clinton Portis (running back). On more than one occasion he has called out his offensive line when he plays poorly and needs someone to blame it on. This year he tried to get fullback Mike Sellers benched and had a confrontation with him. He blamed Joe Gibbs for leaving him in a preseason game where he hurt his shoulder tackling on an interception. The prima donna got into a tussle with Jim Zorn last year when he pulled himself out of game without bothering to inform the coaches of it. He whines when he doesn’t get the ball enough. Great teammate, right? Of course he was a malcontent in Denver too. I have zero respect for Portis.

And then we come to last night. In a hopeless situation, taking a beating, on a team that doesn’t want him, a lame duck coach, and new management, he comes out in the second half and does his best.

That’s what I call a class act.

5 thoughts on “Jason Campbell: Class Act

  1. I am a huge Redskins fan, i am a big fan of Jason Campbell and when i read this article it describes the person that he is perfectly. I have much respect for Jason and he is trying his best. I live in Kentucky so i hardly ever get to see the Redskins play, but when i do you can tell in his body language that he knows he’s gonna get hit so he is jittery in the pocket, so it’s kinda hard to make your reads and try to figure out where the next hit is coming from at the same time. Personally, i would like to see Jason stay with the Redskins, but i don’t think i would be mad if he is not there next year. I think he has a chance to be a great quarterback in the NFL. We saw flashes of that in he last 4 games, with a O line that can protect him and outstanding play of Devin Thomas and Fred Davis and the other weapons if he stays in Washington they could be very good! If Jason ever reads my comment i want him to know there aren’t many redskins fans in Kentucky, but there are a few of us and the one thing we get the other fans to see is that you are a good quarterback and even though there are alot of Dallas fans here, they respect you. I wish Jason nothing but the best wherever he ends up next year and i will watch him Because Jason is a man holding his head up high, gets knocked down and gets right back up! Can’t question this man’s character!

    • Thanks for the comment. You certainly can’t question his character. And you right, his offensive line and recievers have not helped him out much this year. Devin Thomas and Fred Davis did start to come on a bit in the last part of the year. I am very interested to see what happens with the Redskins now. I also feel a bit for Jim Zorn. What an awful position he has been placed in.

      • I don’t think that Coach Zorn was ready to become a head coach just yet. I think he was perfect for the job he was originally was hired for, offensive coordinator. I don’t Blame coach Zorn for jumping at the head coaching job when Mr. Snyder offered it to him. Who wouldn’t take that chance to be the head coach of one of the greatest teams in sports without having to put in all those years with the organization before giving a chance. I respect coach Zorn and his ideas are great the players respect him. I know he is not going to be the head coach next year, but i would still like to see on the Redskins sideline though. If Mike Shanahan does get hired to be the next head coach, maybe he can keep coach Zorn around as the offensive coordinator so he can concentrate solely on the offense. He Has done a great job with Jason Campbell. They must also keep Sherman Lewis… numbers don’t lie! Since he took over some of the play calling duties we have improved. Him and coach Zorn on the offense that would be great! And Besides Sherman Lewis is from right here in Louisville, Kentucky. GO CARDS!!!

      • Thanks Thomas, happy holidays to you too.

        I think it would be hard for Zorn to stick around with the Redskins next year after everything that has gone on. I’m not sure why he would want to.

        But here is a scenario for you. He was QBs coach under Mike Holmgren. Holmgren is taking over in Cleveland. I don’t think he’d hire Zorn right now as head coach but as QB coach? Certainly. Offensive coordinator, maybe I’m not so sure.

        Redskins are going to clean house. Jason’s contract is up.

        Cleveland appears to need a QB as Quinn and Anderson don’t seem to be the answer.

        Zorn as QB coach or offensive coordinator in Cleveland with??? Jason Campbell as his QB.

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