Mike Shanahan’s First Order of Business: Get Rid of Clinton Portis

Clinton Portis is one of the least likable players in the league.  He is a “me first” player who has constantly called out his teammates instead of looking in the mirror himself.  Just a short list from my feeble memory:

  • He criticized Joe Gibbs for playing him too long in a preseason game when he hurt his shoulder.
  • He criticized his offensive line and then got into a war of words with Redskin great Brian Mitchell.
  • He tried to get fullback Mike Sellers benched and then had a confrontation with him in the locker room.
  • He got into an exchange with Jim Zorn when he decided to take himself out of a game last year – without bothering to tell anyone.

And now, a player who reports are is not respected by his teammates because he never practices, has called out Jason Campbell for not being a leader? 

And you are, Mr. Portis?  These actions demonstrate team leadership?

Mike Shanahan’s first order of business should be to rid the team of cancers like Portis who not only shows no team leadership, but is a divisive force on the team.  He sets a poor example for young players, and he’s getting old and washed up and doesn’t seem to really want to play anymore anyway.

Throw on your clownish outfits and head out of town, you clown.

8 thoughts on “Mike Shanahan’s First Order of Business: Get Rid of Clinton Portis

  1. Well Portis will be gone for sure this offseason. I am not sure of his contract, but he’ll be gone. Shanahan traded Portis for Champ Bailey way back when. The Redskins definitely need a solid and consistent running attack then only will Jason Campbell have a chance to produce as a quality QB.

    • I saw in a comment somewhere (I think the Washington Post) about he’s already said something to the effect “we’ll see how committed Portis is to the off season work program…” which I dare say he’s probably never participated in.

    • You would really want him? Brandon Marshall is another petulant star that is going from Denver and you already have Knowshon Moreno.

  2. Shanahan has traded Portis once without hesitation already, and that was when Portis was playing the best football of his career with the Broncos. Being that Shanahan and Portis butted heads and didn’t get along in Denver, I can’t see this lasting when it is clear Portis is nowhere near the back he once was. I have no doubt that the Redskins will have a very new look next season, and if I was a betting man I would say that Portis will not see the field in DC next season. I expect Shanahan to try and draft a back or perhaps see who he can get in free agency cheap. Regardless of who is in there, Shanahan will believe he can make it work, and thus he doesn’t need Portis.

    • He certainly doesn’t need a Portis that is a locker room cancer and doesn’t practice. The tenor of Shanahan’s comments to the press don’t look good for Portis.

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