Brett Favre’s Legacy: Choke Artist

Wow, how many times is Brett Favre going to throw the most idiotic of interceptions in playoffs games? Two years ago he threw a really dumb interception that let the New York Giants waltz into the Super Bowl. Several years ago he threw one of the dumbest interceptions I’ve seen in the history of the playoffs to give the Philadelphia Eagles a pass to the Super Bowl.

On the last play the Vikings had in regulation, had he just stumbled forward for a few yards on a wide open field and given his kicker a chance to make the field goal the Vikings might have won. But instead, Favre didn’t give his team a chance and committed the cardinal sin of throwing the ball across the field in good winning position.

Yes, his teammates fumbled and stumbled too on offense. What is with Adrian Peterson not being able to hang on to the ball? But Favre, in the most critical of situations, when even no gain would have been better than an interception, turned the ball over.

How sad.


5 thoughts on “Brett Favre’s Legacy: Choke Artist

  1. I am so suprised to read your words tonight. You have saddened me with your lack of football understanding. That last pass was an attempt to cover the mistakes made late in the game by the coach. Brett had no choice but to try and position the team close enough to give them a chance at a field goal. I am embarased for you, and insulted that you have chosen to belitle a great athlete such as Brett Favre.

  2. You have got to be kidding, is this written as headline so more people read your articles? No doubt it was an important play in the game, but what about the previous play with 12 men on the field that cost Minnesota five yards which forced them to throw the ball! Your simple-minded thougth process picking one event out of contest of game is absurd at best. I would surmise that you thought John Elway was a choker for all but the last two years of his career when despite diminshing skills, he was on the two best teams he played on and they won two Super Bowls, go figure. Oh and let’s not forget other noted chokers Dan Marino and Jim Kelly, who were nowhere near the quarterbacks of Mark Rypien and Trent Dilfer, who each quarterbacked their teams to Super Bowls.

    • No, I’ll have more to say when he announces his retirement or not retirement. That is my reaction after the game. The BEST QB to ever play the game? Really?

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