Cincinnati Bengals: Ocho Stinko and Terrible TO, Should be Fun

Not only did Cincinnati sign the criminal Adam Jones earlier this off season, they now have a tandem of two of the most selfish, me first, diva wide recievers in the league lining up across from each other.  It will be fascinating to see how long that marriage lasts.

I feel sorry for Carson Palmer who has to put up with such wonderful role models and team oriented players.  He, at least, deserves better.

4 thoughts on “Cincinnati Bengals: Ocho Stinko and Terrible TO, Should be Fun

  1. TO is not the type of problem he used to be during his younger days…i think that was apparent last year in buffalo…the combination of maturing and losing a bit of the physical domination equates to a more tame TO.

  2. I found almost laughable during the pregame tonight when Owens and Ochocinco referred to themselves as Batman and Robin. There are still too really big egos there, but if they can work well together this might work. Then again, I’m waiting for the first game when one of them has 10 catches and the other has two. If nothing else, the Bengals should be fun to watch.

    • I agree! It’s going to be very interesting which one gets mad at Carson Palmer first. He and Chad already have a combative relationship. Fun stuff ahead.

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