Well Done Illustrated History of the New England Patriots’ Greatest Plays

Game  Changers: The Greatest Plays in New England Patriots History by Sean Glennon
Triumph Books 2010.
ISBN: 978-1-60078-400-2

This is a well organized illustrated compendium of the greatest plays in the New England Patriots history.  From the heart warming and happiest moments like Adam Vinatieri’s 45 yard field goal in a blizzard to beat the Oakland Raiders in 2002, a kick that launched us to our first Super Bowl victory, to the heartbreakers like David Tyree’s’ miraculous catch in Super Bowl XLII that ultimately doomed the Patriots chase for a perfect season.  It’s all here.

There is a lot to like about this book.  First, I really can’t think of a single play that was left out of the book that I would have included.  Certainly given a 50 year history there are tons of good plays, but the author has done well in choosing the most definitive plays of the Patriots’ long history.

Second, the book is very well organized in a logical fashion.  Thankfully the “heartbreakers” were left until the last chapter of the book.  The punch in the gut over the worst plays in Patriots’ history is easier to digest after reliving the highlights of Patriots’ successes.

Third, the illustrations and layout of the book are quite nicely done as well.  It’s a slightly oversized book that will be great on a bookshelf or as a coffee table book to show off to friends and family.

Fourth, I really liked the added touch of text boxes that point out other great plays, players, or side stories that were not included in main list, but made it into the book with special mentions and asides.

And finally, the nostalgia of reliving all the great plays in Patriots’ history is always great fun, except of course when you hit the bad ones.

This book is written from the point of view of an avid Patriots fan which is also perfect for a book of this nature.

I highly recommend this book to fellow fans of the New England Patriots.

Game Changers: The Greatest Plays in New England Patriots History (50 Greatest Plays)


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