Well Done Short History of the New England Patriots

“The Belichick Said to Brady . . ” The Best New England Patriots Stories Ever Told by Jim Donaldson
Triumph Books 2009

There are so many “The Best Stories Ever Told” books about the New England Patriots and other NFL teams it all starts to get jumbled together and there is very little to distinguish between them.

While there is nothing really new in this volume, it is well written and organized and has a bit more than similar books on the New England Patriots of the new century.

There are a lot good, short player profiles of the prominent Patriots’ players throughout its history and of course good stories on the biggest games, including all the Super Bowl’s.

The chapter on the 1985 Patriots discussing the relationship between Steve Grogan and Tony Eason is a very good synopsis and a reminder that Eason was a pretty good quarterback.

Chapters 9-11 talk about the reemergence of the Patriots as a competitive to eventually championship team starting with Bill Parcels becoming the head coach to Bill Belichick, to Tom Brady, to new owner Robert Kraft.  These are also nicely done.

A good bonus feature is an audio CD that has interviews with Steve Grogan, Jon Morris, and Larry Eisenhauer that I really enjoyed.

Overall, if you want to get a “greatest stories” book and want to relieve the good times and the bad, this book is one of the better ones.

Then Belichick Said to Brady: The Best New England Patriots Stories Ever Told (The Best Sports Stories Ever Told)

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