2012 NFL Season Week Three: Replacement Refs Drop the Ball

Replacement Officials

Clearly the big story of week three was the colossal screwup of the officiating in the Green Bay v Seattle game. And while some people may think I am biased, I believe New England got the raw end of bad officiating in their tilt with the Baltimore Ravens.

Now as everyone knows the regular officials are back for Week four.

A few comments on the replacement officials.

First, I think they were in a no win situation. They were not trained or really prepared to officiate NFL games. It’s not something you can just walk into and excel at right away. Through the first two weeks of the season I thought the replacement refs were okay in terms of getting the calls right but the game administration was really ragged. Not remembering where to spot the ball, get the wrong yardage marked off on penalties, and having to delay the game to get clarification on issues. The games were lasting three and a half to four hours long. It was really really ragged.

Week three however, was an absolute disaster. A few weeks ago I said the calls I worried about most were the pass interference and holding calls because they literally can change the outcome of the game. Sure enough that is where most of the controversy resided in both the Patriots/Ravens, Packers/Seahawks game. Both were poorly officiated and the calls were utterly inconsistent. And they changed the outcome of the games.

The Packers game was joke as both sides benefitted from egregiously bad calls. Let’s not forget the Packers’ go ahead touchdown was aided by terrible pass interference call on the Seahawks. And while I think the Packers probably deserved the win, who knows? The officiating was so atrocious it just completely ruined the game.

But I have seen really bad officiated games by the “regular” officials as well. They will probably get a honeymoon period early in their return. Who ever thought we’d see refs hailed as heroes?


Offensive Player: Jaamal Charles, RB, Kansas City Chiefs
Defensive Player: Chris Clemons, DE, Seattle Seahawks
Offensive Lineman: Matt Birk, C, Baltimore Ravens
Special Teams: Blair Walsh, K, Minnesota Vikings
Rookie of the Week: Andrew Luck, QB, Indianapolis Colts

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