Kevin Kolb or Marc Bulger?

If I were a team like the Vikings, Cardinals, Dolphins, Titans, 49’ers, or any other quarterback needy team, I would take a serious look at Marc Bulger, former St. Louis Rams starting quarterback and current back up in Baltimore over Kevin Kolb.

Bulger looked like a starter in the preseason last year, and frankly I thought he looked better than Joe Flacco.  Granted he was playing against other teams second team, but he had good command of the huddle, threw crisp, accurate passes, and moved the chains.  The end of his stint in St. Louis was marred by injuries and ineffectiveness but his offensive line was so porous no quarterback could have been successful.  He also ended up not only playing hurt much of the time, and having no protection in the backfield.

Kevin Kolb, on the other hand, when given the opportunity to start, has looked anywhere from awful to mediocre at best.  To me he has not proven he is a viable starter in this league.  That’s not to say he may not be, but Bulger looks like a more attractive and proven candidate to lead a team.